Samburu - Striking Lifestyle

Samburu - Striking Lifestyle

The Samburu people are some of the friendliest in Kenya. Originally a nomadic tribe, the Samburu tribe today still embraces their nomadic culture while jointly running some of the best Kenya game lodges.

Closely related to the Maasai community, the Samburu have distinct cultures, traditions and rituals, which have been immortalised in several Hollywood movies including 'Mogambo' (1953). The Samburu also appeared in one of the most iconic Nike adverts of the 1980s. Here a Samburu man says in Maa language: “I don’t want these. Give me big shoes.” which was translated to 'Just Do It'. 

The Samburu are sometimes referred to as 'The Butterfly People' due to their colourful ornaments, attire and hairstyles.

We decided to embrace Samburu's people joyful spirit and dedicate our Winter 2023 collection to them. Our 2 released jackets are inspired by their colors and their striking dress, hairstyles, and lifestyle.

Given this energy, we launched our campaign with two of the most talented hip-hop dancers in Egypt Nardeen Amgad and Rowan Elleithy to mix all the afro spirit, with the local and global hip-hop movement, which actually turned into something extremely beautiful.

It took us months of hard work with the talented xxxx to sketch and design different variations to decide which masterpiece to kick-off with.


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